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The Most Intelligent Printer Operating System in Existence

Link-OS is Zebra’s one-of-a-kind enterprise printer operating system. Enabling advanced connectivity capabilities, extensive device management and advanced privacy controls, no other printer OS delivers this level of intelligence and innovation. Printers running Link-OS are supported by our powerful Print DNA suite of Applications, Utilities and Developer Tools, making it simple to create robust, adaptable and intelligent print solutions.

Link-OS v6.3 Features

  • The PDF Direct emulation app is now available for download and use on printers that have been updated to Link-OS v6.3. Link-OS v6.3 and the PDF Direct app can be downloaded from printer Support pages at by entering your printer’s model name (such as “ZT411” or “ZQ620”).
  • Link-OS v6.3 uses an improved method to control low-battery behavior. This method delivers more consistent image quality when printing large amounts of black and when printing in low temperatures. This method also has the benefit of improving battery charging reliability and avoiding premature printer shutdown. We recommend users experiencing an inability to charge their battery or earlier than expected printer shutdown events, update their printers to Link-OS v6.3.


Link-OS Basic

  • For value printers, we offer Link-OS Basic featuring a core set of Print DNA features for cost-efficient and reliable printing.
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Print DNA

Transforming Printers From the Inside

Print DNA is the genetic code that transforms printers with business-catalytic capabilities. The unique combination of innovative Applications, Utilities and Developer Tools produces high performing, remotely manageable printers that are easy to integrate, ensuring Zebra Print DNA printers provide a superior printing experience.


Secure Your Data and Infrastructure

PrintSecure makes it easy to configure your printers to use secure connections, block unwanted access and ensure your data and infrastructure are protected.

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