Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA)

healthcare provider scanning patient for barcode medication administration (BCMA)

Improve Patient Safety With Accurate Medication Administration

Medication administration can be time consuming and also present opportunities for error. With Zebra mobile computer and barcode scanning solutions, nurses can scan the patient's wristband and their medication to confirm a match, ensuring the right patient receives the right medication at the right time.

Reduce Errors

Lessen the possibility of human error by making sure staff can access the most current data about patients and their medications.

Streamline Processes

Zebra's mobile devices move you from manual processes to electronic barcode medication administration. Save time and costs by eliminating the need for additional paperwork.

Increase Accountability

Caregivers can scan the barcode on their ID badges, creating an automatic audit trail that increases accountability.

healthcare provider scanning patient wristband using a zebra scanner

Solving the Mix of 2D and 1D Barcodes

Because 1D scanners cannot scan 2D barcodes, understand what equipment, software tools and media are needed to meet both current and future dual-system labeling requirements.

Let Zebra Design a Barcode Medication Administration Solution to Meet Your Needs

Build Your Barcode Medication Administration Solution


Double check patient identity, dosage and time of last administration with a barcode medication administration solution built on unique hardware components designed specifically for the demands of the healthcare industry.

Software and Applications

Communicating across multiple devices leads to confusion. Zebra software allows healthcare professionals to do everything they need with one device, keeping co-workers in touch and on the same page.


Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle, so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.