New Wall Street Journal Article Reveals Why Some Retailers are Still Struggling to Improve Supply Chain and Store Operations

Even though technology is giving retailers greater operational visibility, front-line associates don’t always know there’s an issue or how to fix it. That’s why one expert wants retailers to become more prescriptive – and software-focused.

An apparel retail store
by Your Edge Blog Team
March 04, 2021

According to Suresh Menon, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Software Solutions at Zebra Technologies, “labor is [retailers’] greatest asset, despite being their largest operating expense.”

However, many retailers have yet to maximize this asset. They’re investing in technology to increase operational visibility, but they’re forgetting to integrate the one component that “is key to closing the loop on operations planning and execution.”

Read this Wall Street Journal article to learn more about what must be done to make every associate a retailer’s best associate

Your Edge Blog Team
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