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Our History of Android-Based FIrsts is Unmatched

When it comes to innovation, leadership, technological advancements and industry firsts. Zebra's legacy of Android-based devices is unrivalled. For the best in Android-based technology, look no further than the undisputed leader: Zebra.

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More on Our Android Leadership? Read All About It.

When it comes to Android-based devices, our leadership in the marketplace is well documented. For a deeper dive into our leadership on the leading edge, link to the attached brochure and see what we can do for you.

Some FAQs for the Unquestioned Leader

Ask Zebra, and you shall receive: the best Android-based technology, the best service, the best support, the best solutions. And if you don't see an answer to your question here, contact us and we'll get right on it.

+ When did Zebra begin the transition to Android?

Zebra was first to release a rugged enterprise tablet in 2011 with the ET1. In 2015, when Microsoft announced the legacy embedded CE and Windows Mobile operating systems would reach end of life in five years, we made a definitive long-term commitment to Android and started accelerating our innovation efforts and launched a global initiative that supported our customers through this OS Migration with Software Application Migration Service strategies giving our customers time to thoroughly assess their options and make the transition.

+ What contributed to the commanding lead Zebra has in the enterprise Android market right now?

A significant key to our success has been listening to our customers who need very purpose-driven devices, in different form factors to support different workflows and varying price points based on their needs. So, today, we offer over 34 handheld, wearable, vehicle mount and tablet products that are supported on the Qualcomm SD660 platform. That is 2.5X more than the next nearest competitor. And we will be offering several more in the coming months.

+ Will Zebra portfolio of SD660 mobile computers support Android 12?

Yes, Zebra received notification from Qualcomm of future availability of an Android 12 BSP (board support package) for the SD660 chipset. This support assures our customers using these platform-based computers the option of updating to Android 12 when available. Support for Android OS releases beyond Android 12 are subject to future Qualcomm validation. For a list of current Operating Systems for the entire Zebra Android portfolio, click here.

+ How has Mobility DNA been so influential in customers' successful migration to Android?

Zebra Mobility DNA was the first Android OS enterprise software suite that provided comprehensive development, management, security and workflow solutions. Our investments in Mobility DNA enabled the Android operating system to be broadly adopted in the enterprise, and several of our innovations were ultimately adopted as core features within Android to help grow the overall ecosystem for all enterprise Android customers, enterprise mobility managers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and more recently imitated by our competitors.

+ For customers resistant to change, how is Zebra helping them extend the life of their mobile computing hardware for as many as six, eight or even 10 years after the initial launch of our mobile computing products?

Many of our customers choose and prefer not to update their devices to the newest Android dessert update as soon as it is available for several reasons; an OS dessert upgrade requires customers to undergo a significant costly and timely integration testing effort. Customers balance this effort with the set of features and functionality that the upgrade may or may not bring them. Zebra of course understands this, and it is a crucial part of our lifecycle strategy: allowing customers to stay on their established proven platforms while getting the frequent software updates to keep their deployments operational and secure. These update decisions are made by all of our customers and the majority of them will take a very concerted and thoughtful upgrade strategy, with many choosing to skip one or more OS desserts in order to keep their proven deployments stable. Zebra LifeGuard was the first rugged device lifecycle extension model to provide comprehensive enterprise lifecycle support. Our monthly and quarterly security and support updates keep our customer platforms secure, up to date, and our monthly and quarterly update cadence is also more frequent than most OEMs offer and has proved critical with several recent security threat vulnerabilities that have been identified in the broader market.

+ Zebra is the first enterprise device manufacturer to roll out several new Android 10 devices recently and pushing software updates to currently deployed devices so that customers can leverage the new Android 10 tools and security features. But there always excitement and interest in what next. Can Zebra guarantee that their current Zebra Android devices will be compatible with future OS releases?

No one can say with complete certainty or even attempt to guarantee that the enterprise-grade Android mobile device that you buy from anyone today will be compatible with future Android OS releases. Not Zebra. Not Google. Not Qualcomm. Not our competitors nor our partners. There is a chain of dependencies that must come together to produce an Android OS release for any device, and Zebra, as an industry leader and trusted adviser has to follow the lead of Google first, then Qualcomm. This is true of any company on Qualcomm chipsets, including the latest SD600 platform which Zebra and many of our competitors are currently shipping. To say otherwise is misleading.

An Unequalled Legacy of Android Based Innovations

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Zebra Technologies Was Named a Leader in the IDC Marketscape

Zebra Technologies was recognised for various strengths, including the wide range of the rugged mobile devices product portfolio, numerous support features and services, its in-house developed enterprise software and solution ecosystem, and its LifeGuard for Android extended security solution that delivers security and patch updates for up to 10 years.

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