Intelligent Automation: Optimise People and Resources

The Smarter Way to Utilise People and Resources

Zebra's Intelligent Automation solutions power transformative outcomes at the edge. Pairing man with machine like never before, transform your operations into dynamic and highly efficient workflows. Discover just-in-time solutions to business challenges. Liberate workers from repetitive tasks to contribute where they add the most value. Gain unmatched enterprise visibility to make sharper decisions fuelled by data-driven intelligence. And, do it all without impacting your existing infrastructure.

Intelligent Automation

Zebra SmartSight™

Use intelligent automation to spot shelf issues, reveal prescriptive ways to resolve them, liberate your workers from repetitive tasks and transform your operations to raise sales and customer satisfaction.

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Zebra FulfillmentEdge™

Turn your legacy warehouse management system into a 21st century brainpower using your data, the real-time location of your workers and task priorities — without major changes to your backend system.

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Zebra`s Enterprise Mobile Automation (EMA) solution

Uncover Unprecedented Ways to Capitalize on Your Shelves

Man and machine partner once again, yet like never before — using automated intelligence. Create the ideal store experience for shoppers. Drive sharper decisions and more agile operations, fueled by data-driven intelligence with SmartSight.

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