Customer Experience and Engagement

Employee at a coffee shop accepting payment from a customer.

Putting Customers First

Now, more than ever, your retail customer experience has a narrow window to win over prospective customers. Zebra's unprecedented data capture and analytics capabilities allow you to understand what makes your customers tick and develop innovative ways to elevate customer engagement. Zebra's purpose-built solutions help you personalise the customer experience—making every interaction count where it matters most: at the front line of business.

Customer Experience Solutions

Customer Self Service

Zebra’s self-service solutions allow you to empower your customers with in-store product locations and price checking, gift registries and self-checkout kiosks.

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Click and Collect

From enhancing in-store operations to back office fulfilment and managing returns, Zebra helps you deliver Click and Collect profitably.

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Point of Sale

Process payments efficiently and accurately anywhere with mobile and fixed POS solutions.

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Staff Enablement

Develop a connected staff who can quickly and accurately access information from anywhere to add value to your customers’ experience.

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Couponing, Gift and Loyalty Solutions

Build customer loyalty by offering a more personal experience through intelligent rewards programmes, gift registries, and coupons.

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See How Zebra is Innovating Customer Experience

retail worker scanning box with Zebra DS9308 scanner

Tech Powered Retail

Learn how to power better customer experiences and run an intelligent retail operation with insights from Volume 2 of the 2020 Shopper Study—the Retail Perspective: Bridging online and in-store experiences with technology.


Looking for a similarily progressive company with end-user centric devices to pair with, Localz rolls out it's 'Iconomy' solutions. These focus on fulfilling the needs of the customer as an individual.

inside store the sting

The Sting

Discover how this Dutch retailer is boosting efficiency in every corner of its store.

Let Zebra Help You Design a Customer Experience Solution for the Front Lines of Your Business