Retail Information Technology (IT)

Drive Next-Level Results with an Efficient, Simple Solution for Retail Information Technology

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software is an intuitive and effective choice for Retail Information Technologoy (IT) leaders and CIOs. Our solution offers fast deployment times (empowering you to generate ROI faster), minimal burden on IT teams, industry-leading cybersecurity and a variety of complimentary training, support, and consulting services. Unlock next-level results with the simplicity and actionability of Zebra Prescriptive Analytics.

  • Fast ROI

    Our solution offers industry-leading deployment times. One of the world largest apparel retailers approached us after waiting 18 months for a prior analytics vendor to deploy their solution. Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software was deployed and ready to use within just three days for this $3.5 billion retailer.

  • No-Charge Consulting

    A booming general retailer called on the Zebra Prescriptive Analytics Customer Success team to help identify shrink drivers. The team quickly identified $97 million in shrink, mostly in avoidable damages, across just a handful of product categories. This helped the merchandisers fine-tune their allocation software.

  • Simple Root-Cause Analysis

    At a grocer, Zebra Prescriptive Analytics identified many gift-card transactions lasting exactly seven minutes. It traced the anomaly to a system glitch that loaded gift cards with store funds after a transaction was left idle for seven minutes. The retail IT team quickly fixed the glitch before losses increased further.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics for:

Retail Store Operations Software

Retail store operations professionals use Zebra's Prescriptive Analytics software to identify opportunities to increase sales, optimise the customer experience, and drive labour productivity.

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Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Software

Prevent loss and protect assets by identifying cases of shrink, non-compliance and discount abuse real time with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics retail software solution.

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Retail Logistics Tracking Software

Retail logistics personnel rely on Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software to provide prescriptive actions that empower employees to make high-impact improvements from manufacturing facility to receiving dock.

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Retail Warehousing

Maximize productivity, accuracy, and compliance throughout the warehouse with Zebra's Prescriptive Analytics software.

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Retail Finance

Increase revenue and reduce losses with Zebra’s Prescriptive Analytics software. This software solution helps the finance team identify the root causes of underwhelming numbers.

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Retail Merchandising

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software enables retail merchandising professionals to improve inventory optimisation and localisation, increased forecast accuracy, for an exceptional customer experience.

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