Mobility DNA Enterprise Upgrade Kit

Zebra Mobile Computer with DNA strand extending from it

Get the Most Out of Your Zebra Mobile Device with Mobility DNA — the Zebra Difference

Mobility DNA is a unique Zebra-only toolset that provides valuable new capabilities that lift your Zebra devices into a class of their own. The ready-to-use Mobility DNA Professional toolkit is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, ready to use right out of the box — all at no additional cost. And if you want to unlock even more value, the optional Mobility DNA Enterprise license delivers powerful big business voice and data tools for small fee.

Mobility DNA Professional


With this powerful set of complementary tools, barcodes are easy to capture right out of the box; many device issues are easy to identify and resolve; applications that fully utilize device features are easy to create; devices can be prepared for deployment in seconds; and you get true enterprise-class security on your Android devices.

Mobility DNA Enterprise License

(Optional, Available for Purchase)

Want to unlock the full value of your device? When you purchase the Mobility DNA Enterprise License, you get powerful big business voice and data tools that boost end-user and IT workforce productivity to a new level by improving workforce collaboration and WiFi connectivity, as well as simplifying data entry, device security and device management — all for a nominal one time per-device fee. When you choose the bundle, you get extraordinary savings — the cost of the tools is discounted 74%, so you pay only about a quarter of the combined list price of the individual tools.

Additional Options Available for Purchase

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* Mobility DNA Enterprise License required for peak performance.

** Available with or without the Mobility DNA Enterprise License.