Mobility DNA: Enterprise Mobility Software

Experience a New Breed of Mobility

What’s inside the body of an enterprise mobile computer matters. That’s why Zebra engineered Mobility DNA — the genetic code that gives our mobile computers distinct enterprise capabilities.

Its unique software ecosystem transforms Android™, the world’s most popular consumer operating system, into an enterprise-ready force. Now, the pains common to other enterprise mobility platforms disappear — making application management simpler, integration problem-free and operations a powerhouse of productivity.

  • Unmatched Productivity

    From the start, workers will notice the difference. Training is quick on Android’s familiar interface. With unique business tools, communication barriers vanish, connectivity is untethered and collaboration streamlined. Thanks to powerful productivity tools, everyday tasks are faster and easier.

  • Simpler Application Management

    Regain control of your mobile platform via superior security, greater access, centralized management and real-time visibility. Mobility DNA fortifies Android with enterprise-grade traits for ultimate control. The result is better deployment management, faster troubleshooting and optimal uptime.

  • Easier Integration

    Develop enterprise, mobile apps with ease and take full advantage of the Android operating system to lower risks of bugs and delays. It’s possible with Mobility DNA, which shortens timelines and extends confidence with smooth rollouts and seamless OS integration into new and legacy infrastructures.

Mobility DNA image

Superior Technology Genes for Superior Enterprise Mobility


Developers can effortlessly create and integrate mobile computer apps in less time with less risk. Write it once; run it on multiple platforms, add advanced enterprise features or leverage sample code.

Take full advantage of your device’s capabilities.

Build feature-rich web applications.

Integrate data capture into enterprise apps without writing any code.


Maximize IT’s ability to address new and emerging threats. Get up to ten years of timely, aggressive updates, migrate to the new OS at your pace, and monitor the security status of mobile computers in real-time.

Add extra layers of features and services crucial to protecting business data and network access.

Extend OS security support for up to ten years.

Specify apps users can access, disable device features and automatically launch apps.

Turn off the Google Mobile Services you don’t want.


Rapidly stage and easily configure small to large batches of mobile computers. Configure with almost no learning curve, automate staging with a scan or NFC tap, and bundle all settings and remotely stage.

Zebra Technologies’ StageNow allows any size organization to easily stage a handful, or thousands, of Android devices with a quick scan of a barcode or a tap on an NFC tag.

Pre-configure the devices you purchase; out of the box, they’ll provision themselves for faster deployment.


Help IT reduce the complexity of managing and maintaining mobile computers. Centrally manage devices in multiple locations, resolve software and OS issues faster, and assess utilization of mobile computers.

Device Diagnostics lets you test major systems and can help eliminate costly, unnecessary repair depot trips for devices that don’t really need repair.

Device Tracker allows you to easily track or find your lost or missing Zebra Mobile Devices.

Take productivity and collaboration to the next level with a dependably superior Wi-Fi experience.

Capture system and application logs to identify problems and avoid sending no-failure-found devices for repair.

Software application providing a unified interface for all Zebra value-added APIs via the customer’s EMM.

See which security updates are available, which devices are eligible and more.


Enable workers to do more by improving the performance and UX of their mobile computers. Ensure reliable and consistent connectivity, find lost devices even if powered down, and unify teams, communication, and workflows.

Ensure a dependable and superior Wi-Fi experience.

Manage Bluetooth® accessories.

Convert legacy, green screens into an all-touch, modern UX.

Improve productivity with Enterprise Keyboard that enables fast, accurate alphanumeric entry purposely designed for enterprise.

Effortlessly capture the right barcodes (up to 100 barcodes at the same time.).

Easily create custom profiles enabling faster data capture needs across workflows.

Migrate CE windows mobile applications to Android.

Create a single-purpose device to ensure mobile computers are utilized for work.

Offer workers an intuitive and graphic-based experience that minimizes errors and guesswork.

Give users a modern touch interface with either automatic, predictive reformatting or a customized UX.