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Workforce Connect Powered by Zebra Savanna™

Connect Your Workers With the Power of One

With Workforce Connect Powered by Zebra Savanna™, you can give your workers the power of one — one device that provides access to enterprise data and applications, plus PTT calls, PBX calls and enterprise-class secure messaging. So no matter how your workers want to communicate, who they need to reach or what information they need, their Zebra mobile devices and more will do it all.

  • Simple to Deploy, Simple to Manage

    Profile Manager brings set-it-and-forget-it simplicity to configuration and management. Just set up rules for individuals or a specific role — define features, the right groups for collaboration and any specific behaviors in specific conditions. When users log in, Profile Manager takes care of the rest, automatically loading it all.

  • Ideal For Any Business, Any Size

    Get the peace of mind that comes with investing in a scalable architecture. Start with a handful of workers, and expand to hundreds or thousands. Support one location — or locations all around the world. Start with one Workforce Connect capability today and add more as your needs grow. No matter how or when you want to scale, Workforce Connect makes it easy.

  • Priced For Any Size Business

    When it comes to cost, Workforce Connect Powered by Zebra Savanna makes sense. Add powerful new capabilities to the mobile devices and communications infrastructure you already own — instead of purchasing new hardware. And cloud-based, low-cost per-user subscriptions provide an instant return on investment.

The Enterprise Features You Need

Workforce Connect PTT Pro

Comprehensive PTT and Secure Text Messaging

Connect your entire workforce with robust push-to-talk services over cellular and WiFi networks. And unlike the public cellular networks, the text messages your workers send are always encrypted, protecting sensitive data, such as healthcare and payment card information. And services are available for Zebra, consumer Android and Apple iOs devices.

Workforce Connect Voice

Turn Zebra Mobile Devices Into Fully-featured Desk Phones

Eliminate desk phone dependency and deliver the right voice features to the same mobile computers your workforce is using to access your line-of-business applications. Workers are connected, yet no longer tied to their desk for voice calls. And a customized user experience makes accessing voice and data easier than ever.

Make the Most of Your Zebra Products

Mobility DNA: Enterprise Mobility Software

Zebra's Enterprise Mobility Software, Mobility DNA, makes mobile device and application management the genetic code that gives our mobile computers distinct enterprise capabilities.

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Mobile Computers

Equip your on-the-go workforce with the devices they need using Zebra's full range of mobile computers, including tablets and handheld RFID readers.

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Satisfy your customers with Zebra's hardware, software, supplies and services solutions which works together to help your business perform better.

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The Enterprise Features You Need