Retail Finance

Empower Your Organization to Increase Revenue and Reduce Losses

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software makes it easy for retail finance leaders to identify the root causes of underwhelming or decreasing numbers before losses amplify. A built-in workflow and accountability help you track issues and verify corrective action. It all translates into increased revenue, profits, and margins – without reading another report.

  • Simple Root Cause Analysis

    No more spending hours trying to identify the source of losses in a retail finance report. The AI and machine learning engines of Zebra Prescriptive Analytics can flag the root cause of margin erosion, financial risk and more and tell you exactly how to address it.

  • Better Inventory Control

    Zebra Prescriptive Analytics identified a pharmacy whose on-hand quantity of store-brand aspirin far exceeded demand, with more on order. The software solution found the vitamins’ minimum and maximum on-hand quantities were switched in the ordering system. The glitch was corrected.

  • Drive Stock Accuracy

    A footwear retailer leveraged Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software to combat “phantom inventory” (inventory that a system lists as available when it actually is not). It quickly uncovered $750,000 worth of inventory inaccuracies. Corrective action is ongoing.

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics for:

Retail Store Operations Software

Retail store operations professionals use Zebra's Prescriptive Analytics software to identify opportunities to increase sales, optimize the customer experience, and drive labor productivity.

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Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Software

Prevent loss and protect assets by identifying cases of shrink, non-compliance and discount abuse real time with Zebra Prescriptive Analytics retail software solution.

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Retail Logistics Tracking Software

Retail logistics personnel rely on Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software to provide prescriptive actions that empower employees to make high-impact improvements from manufacturing facility to receiving dock.

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Retail Information Technology (IT)

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software for retail IT offers fast deployment times, industry leading cybersecurity and complimentary training and support.

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Retail Warehousing

Maximize productivity, accuracy, and compliance throughout the warehouse with Zebra's Prescriptive Analytics software.

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Retail Merchandising

Zebra Prescriptive Analytics software enables retail merchandising professionals to improve inventory optimization and localization, increased forecast accuracy, for an exceptional customer experience.

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Erasing the Bias

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Analytics without Action is Hallucination

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Prescriptive Analytics at the Register

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