Android Enterprise Recommended (AER)

This page provides a list of Security Maintenance Release (SMR) end-dates.

Product support pages under LifeGuard program are availabe at Zebra LifeGuard for Android page.

Visit the main Zebra Support page to find out more about support options.

Security Certification page provides information such as Common Criteria.

Operating System Final Security Maintenance Release End Dated for the OS Applicable Devices
Android 8.1 June 2021 EC30, L10AW, MC33, MC9300, TC20, TC25, TC51, TC52, TC56, TC57, TC70x, TC72, TC77, TC83
Android 10 June 2022 EC30, EC50, EC55, ET51, ET56, L10AW, MC2200, MC2700, MC33, MC3300X, MC9300, TC20, TC21, TC25, TC26, TC51, TC52, TC52x, TC56, TC57, TC57x, TC70x, TC72, TC77, TC83, VC83, WT6300

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