Enable Bluetooth SSI Scanner Driver in DataWedge for Windows

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Issue / Question

RS507 / RS6000 ring scanner is paired and connected but no scanner beam

How to configure DataWedge to receive scan data from a Zebra Bluetooth scanner in SSI mode?

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Resolution / Answer

If customer is using DataWedge for scan-wedge, then follow the steps below. Else another application (example Wavelink TelnetCE) can be use to control the Bluetooth scanner.

1. Open DataWedge (Start> Settings> Control Panel)
2. Select 'Basic Configuration'
3. Navigate to Scanner Input> 'Bluetooth SSI Scanner Driver'
4. Tap 1. Enabled (to enable; a check mark before the #1 will appear)

5. Tap Back twice then exit 'Basic Configuration'
6. Tap Running to start DataWedge
7. Status should be Ready (green color).

+ Applicable Products

  • DataWedge
  • DataWedge
  • RS507 Cordless Ring Scanner
  • RS6000 Ring Scanner
  • WT41N0