Enable Trigger for DataWedge RFID Read

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Issue / Question

When I pull the scanner trigger button, no RFID is read.

How to enable pistol grip trigger to activate the RFID read?

How to remap GRIP_TRIGGER to activate RFID?

Applicable To

MC3330R and MC3390R Android Oreo

Resolution / Answer

  • This feature was first introduced in OREO BSP 02.13.15 – LG16 or higher.
  • Supported on DataWedge 7.3.22 (minimum).
  • Even though there is Nougat with Datawedge 7.3.22, the SYMBOL_RFID keymapping will not be available in NougatRFID Wedge is not supported on Nougat.
  • Mapping Grip_Trigger to SYMBOL_RFID key event or SYMBOL_TRIGGER_6 (alias for SYMBOL_RFID) event, they would function the same way.



  1. Open DataWedge and select target profile. For example, Profile0. (The generic target profile that takes effect for any unassociated foreground app).
  2. Ensure the RFID Input and Hardware Trigger are both enabled. 

  3. To use the hardware trigger for an RFID action, map it to the RFID.
    1. Navigate to Android Settings
    2. Scroll to Key Programmer.
    3. Remap the GRIP_TRIGGER to SYMBOL_RFID (or under the TRIGGER tab, select SYMBOL_TRIGGER_6). 

  4. Close Key Programmer.
  5. For quick testing, you can launch Chrome and read tags when you press the pistol grip trigger.

Helpful Information:

+ Applicable Products

  • DataWedge
  • MC3330R
  • MC3390R