PowerPrecision Console Support

Important information about PowerPrecision Console:
PowerPrecision Console (PPC) version 3.0 and lower is being discontinued on December 31, 2021

A cloud-based solution of PowerPrecision Console will be included as part of Device Tracker in midyear 2022.

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PowerPrecision Console consists of two software components:

  • Client: Device app collects and sends battery and device information to server
  • Server: Collects and analyzes device battery data, presents a centralized dashboard for monitoring battery information, sends notifications, and generates reports. Starting in PPC 2.0, this server is integrated into the common DNA Visibility Console Server that also hosts the Device Tracker server software

PPC supports a maximum of 10,000 devices and 20,000 batteries per installation.



The table below lists PowerPrecision Console-compatible devices (and respective operating systems).

Device Version 1.0.0 Version 2.0.0 Version 2.2.1 Version 2.3.1 Version 3.0.0
EC30     O O O
ET51/ET56     O O O, A10
L10 Android     O O O
MC3300 N, O N, O N, O N, O N, O, A10
MC9300     O O O
PS20 O O O, P O, P O, P
TC26         A10
TC51/TC51-HC/TC56 M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O
TC52 O O O, P O, P O, P, A10
TC57 O O O O O, A10
TC70x/TC75x M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O M, N, O
TC72 O O O, P O, P O, P, A10
TC77 O O O O O, A10
TC8300     O O O
WT6000     N N N

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