Wireless Insights Support

Wireless Insights enriches our ecosystem providers’ dashboard by providing Zebra mobile computer device analytics and voice data, giving customers holistic insight and visibility over their entire infrastructure to better expedite ecosystem challenges by proactively identifying issues across locations and uncover the root cause to maintain network stability and worker productivity.

  • Actionable Insights with rich telemetry data from the network and Zebra Client across the fleet
  • Correlation of network and client events to easily identify root cause
  • Pin-point the exact location of performance degradation

Zebra Wireless Insights provides packet level data that is essential for troubleshooting and root cause analysis. This data is restricted by Android OS and not available for generic clients.

Capabilities Zebra Wireless Insights Generic Android Agent
Synthetic Testing
Real Application Performance (not synthetic) 
Roaming performance and Root Cause Analysis from packet analysis (not available from Android OS)
Location-Issue tracking using 802.11mc
Access to persistent device identifiers (Hidden by Android OS A11+)
Service does not alter device performance*
Packet Capture 

*Generic agents may impact device roaming behavior and battery performance

Wireless Insights Service comes preloaded and requires a license for the following supported GMS and non-GMS devices:

Wireless Insights
for Android 11*

CC600, CC6000, EC30, EC50, EC55, ET51, ET56, L10A, MC2200**, MC2700**, MC3300x, MC3300ax, MC3330xR, MC3390xR, MC9300, PS20, TC21**, TC21-HC**, TC26**, TC26-HC**, TC52, TC52-HC, TC52ax, TC57, TC57x, TC72, TC77, TC8300, VC8300, WT6300

Wireless Insights
for Android 10***

CC600, CC6000, EC30, ET51, ET56, L10A, MC2200****, MC2700****, MC3300x, MC3330xR, MC9300, PS20, TC21****, TC21-HC****, TC26****, TC26-HC****, TC52, TC52-HC, TC57, TC72, TC77, TC8300, VC8300, WT6300

Wireless Insights for Android 8*****

MC3300, MC3300R, TC51, TC51-HC, TC56, TC70x, TC75x, VC80X

Not Supported
Android 8

MC9300, TC52, TC52-HC, TC57

* Requires base build 11-16-05.00 with LifeGuard 83 or later
**Requires Mobility DNA Enterprise
***Requires base build 10-16-10.00 with LifeGuard 104 or later
**** Requires Mobility DNA Enterprise and Requires base build 10-16-10.00 with LifeGuard 104 or later
***** Requires base build 02-32-04.00 with LifeGuard 08 or later



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VisibilityIQ™ OneCare™ provides critical operational information to give you insight into key repair KPIs, service levels and repair service performance.

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