DataCapture DNA

Go Beyond The Barcode With DataCapture DNA

DataCapture DNA is the genetic code that simplifies the entire Zebra scanning experience. The result is innovation-driven performance that not only makes our data capture devices the best in the industry, but also the easiest. From integration to deployment and then management, Zebra has stripped away all the complexity.

Zebra data capture devices turn into powerful tools that get more done and resolve tomorrow’s challenges today.

  • Unrivalled Manageability

    Remote management tools give IT teams the ease and control to effortlessly deploy and maintain fleets across the enterprise, lowering their total cost of ownership. Add to that visibility tools and companies have the real-time analytics to boost the performance and uptime of their data capture devices to increase their return on investment.

  • Innovation-Driven Performance

    The capabilities of DataCapture DNA produce peak device performance, consistently and continuously, that maximises worker productivity. The technologies go beyond barcode scanning to keep enterprises ahead of the curve by solving tomorrow problems today.

  • Easier Application Development

    Zebra offers a suite of software tools to decrease development time across all major operating systems, allowing developers to integrate Zebra data capture devices faster and easier.

Management Tools

Dramatically simplify scanner deployments of any size with the industry’s most intuitive configuration wizard, set-it-and-forget-it remote management and uptime-boosting battery analytics.

Intuitive enough for first-time users, 123Scan has a wizard that creates a single barcode for programming scanners. It can also be used to update firmware on a single device or stage a large number of devices, as well as display and save barcode data and images.

Through either the Zebra Scanner Management Service (SMS) or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), access asset information and statistics, set parameters and update firmware.

Keep data capture devices up and running with smart batteries and software tools that provide visibility into a wealth of battery health-related data to prevent interruptions and improve shift life.

Visibility Tools

Gain the foresight to avoid unexpected interruptions and expenses. With real-time analytics, you can validate set-up procedures, proactively schedule maintenance and expedite troubleshooting.

Correct small issues before they become big problems by identifying performance trends and patterns that slow down scanning processes.

Get up-to-the-minute insight into every aspect of your Zebra scanners in order to diagnose issues, optimise maintenance schedules, verify events, understand fleet-wide trends and more.

Productivity Tools

Reach new levels of productivity with innovations that streamline tasks, optimise device performance and keep you ahead of the curve by solving tomorrow’s problems today.

PRZM sets the bar for 2D imaging by enhancing decode performance and snappiness, dramatically improving the user experience.

Scan multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull. The application can be programmed to scan once and transmit only the barcodes users want, in the sequence they want.

Zebra’s Preferred Symbol is a barcode prioritisation technique that lets one barcode, scanned amongst other barcodes, to be singled out for decoding while excluding the others.

Allow Bluetooth® scanners to operate on Wi-Fi networks without interference, while maintaining peak network performance.

Eliminate the cost and space required for a document scanner. Capture an image while processing barcode data and automatically optimise image appearance by de-skewing and brightening.

Unlock the benefits of UDI (Unique Device Identification) to improve efficiency and patient safety. A single scan captures and parses UDI information, sending data in the right order to the right fields in your application.

Instantly capture all of the barcodes you need on a pallet or item and automatically format and send the data directly to your application with one press of the scan trigger.

Instantly capture, parse and transmit the data on blood bags right to your application, all with a single scan.

Keep track of your cordless scanners. Virtual Tether alerts users when a scanner is moved too far from its base or is left off the charger for a predefined length of time.

Development Tools

Reduce pairing to a single step and apply zero effort for developing data-intensive apps for swifter timelines and simpler integration.

Decrease development cycles by leveraging our comprehensive documentation, source code, sample applications and how-to videos that allow you to develop your own applications.

In one step, connect your Bluetooth scanner to a phone, tablet or PC by simply scanning a STC barcode. Available as a standalone utility or source code for easy app integration.

This fully featured application with source code enables Bluetooth scanners to be connected and controlled by a tablet or smartphone.