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Retail shopper using Zebra device at Kaufland

European Retailer Deploys Proven Zebra Personal Shopping Solution for an Enhanced, Easy In-Store Shopping Experience for All Customers


Aware of the growing demand for digital alternatives when shopping in-store, Kaufland first looked at automating parts of its shopping process several years ago and introduced self-service checkout (SCOs). However, these predominantly suited customers making smaller sized purchases and Kaufland ultimately wanted a fully inclusive digital shopping experience, which any customer could access. So, in 2018, it approached long-term Zebra ISV partner Re-Vision BV, based in the Netherlands, with regards to a Proof of Concept (POC) for a PSS that could be fully integrated into its existing SCO and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Michel Haagmans, CEO of Re-Vision, explains how the partnership developed: “First, we deployed a mobile self-scanning app for Kaufland. This was immediately well received, especially among younger customers with smaller baskets. However, for large-scale adoption of the PSS solutions, Kaufland realised they also needed an option with a professional scanner. We recommended the PS20 Personal Shopper from Zebra as the clear system of choice; and, having run some trials, Kaufland chose the Zebra PS20, the CC6000 Customer Concierge for customer check-in, mobility software and related services.



  • Extremely convenient way of shopping which engenders customer loyalty: 99 per cent customer satisfaction rates in multiple surveys 
  • Rise in utilisation of self-service checkouts, so enhancing value of existing assets
  • Optimal shopping experience with reduced waiting times 
  • Reduced human interaction and associated risk for customers and employees to support personal and public Covid-19 measures
  • Kaufland recently achieved the milestone of over 1 million PSS transactions in the Czech Republic

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