The Netherlands



Bloog bags

Dutch Blood Bank Deploys New Generation of Industrial-Grade Zebra Technology for Reliable, High-Volume Printing of Critical Blood Bag Supplies

Sanquin provides safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands to more than 300,000 patients each year. It is also a leader in pharmaceutical products, scientific research and a provider of multiple diagnostic services. Sanquin has been a longtime collaborator with Zebra partner, Geostick, using a variety of Zebra industrial printers. It sought an updated solution to manage its annual printing of 1.56 million labels.


Sanquin sought the latest Zebra technology to replace its current printers, which were slowly approaching end of life. It needed industrial printers that would allow for reliable, high-performance, high-volume printing of blood bag labels and enable remote management of the entire fleet.



Since deploying the Zebra ZT610 industrial printers, Sanquin has minimized its printer management time and cost. It is also able to centrally manage, secure and update all its Zebra printers from a cloud-based intuitive interface as part of Zebra's Print DNA software suite.

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