Profile Manager Enterprise Support

Use Profile Manager Enterprise to quickly and easily create printer configurations and manage your Zebra Link-OS® printers from a single location, no matter where they are located. 

To experience Printer Profile Manager Enterprise in your environment, sign up to download a 30-day full demo version of the software. 

After 30 days, a license will be required for continued use.

Please visit the marketing page to access a live demo and watch printers as you interact with them. 

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Printer Profile Manager Enterprise is compatible with all Zebra Link-OS printers, including:
ZT400 Series; ZT200 Series; ZD500 Series; ZD400 Series; ZQ500 Series; QLn Series; IMZ Series

Profile Manager Enterprise System Requirements Supported Operating Systems Windows:
Windows Server® 2012, 64-bit processor
Windows Server 2016, 64-bit processor
Windows® 10, 64-bit processor

Chrome Browser version 50 or higher

Minimum System Requirements
CPU cores: 4
Memory (RAM): 16GB
Minimum: 50GB available drive space

Recommended System Requirements
CPU cores: 8
Memory (RAM): 16GB

Network Access Requirements

Internet Access
For the PPME licensing system to work, the server must have outgoing ports 80 and 443 open to the Internet, and must be able to reach and

Internal Network Outgoing Ports
Zebra printers support a discovery process that utilizes UDP on port 4201. Initial printer configuration may use TCP ports 9100, 9200, or 6101.
If using LDAP, additional ports may need to be opened.

Server Access (Incoming Ports)
The server firewall should be configured to only allow the following incoming ports:
-Port 8443 : printer connections
-Ports 80 and 443: client connections.