Profile Manager Enterprise Support

Use Profile Manager Enterprise to quickly and easily create printer configurations and manage your Zebra Link-OS® printers from a single location, no matter where they are located. 

To experience Printer Profile Manager Enterprise in your environment, fill out our request form to download a 30-day full demo version of the software. 

After 30 days, a license will be required for continued use.


  • Link-OS Printer Profile Manager Enterprise Release Notes

    Release notes for version 3.1.7146A

    Download 72 KB
  • PPME Preparation for Installation and Setup (en)

    A preparation guide for installing Printer Profile Manager Enterprise - P1124501-01EN Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • Printer Profile Manager Enterprise Installation Guide


    Download 3 MB
  • WLAN Certificate Management in PPME (en)

    A walk thru guide for setting up the certificate management feature in Printer Profile Manager Enterprise (PPME) - P1124537-01EN Rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • Zebra Link-OS Printer Profile Manager Enterprise User Guide


    Download 1 MB


Printer Profile Manager Enterprise is compatible with all Zebra Link-OS printers, including:

ZT200 Series; ZT400 Series; ZT500 Series; ZT600 Series
ZD400 Series; ZD500 Series; ZD600 Series
ZQ300 Series; ZQ500 Series; ZQ600 Series
ZC100 Series; ZC300 Series
QLn Series; IMZ Series; ZR Series


Windows Server® 2012, 64-bit processor
Windows Server 2016, 64-bit processor
Windows Server 2019, 64-bit processor
Windows® 10, 64-bit processor


Chrome Browser version 50 or higher

Minimum System Requirements:

CPU cores: 4
Memory (RAM): 16GB
Minimum: 50GB available drive space

Recommended System Requirements:

CPU cores: 8
Memory (RAM): 16GB