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Enter the serial number of your device or your contract number below. Please do not use spaces or dashes in your entry.

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This information will be saved so you will not be asked to provide this again for the same device. 

If the Entitled? field below displays “Yes”, click the radio button to the left of the line item that matches your product model, and click the Download button. 

If the Entitled? field below displays “No” or you are not able to successfully complete the file download process, please contact us using the Need Assistance process described on the right side of the screen. 

  Serial Number Model Number Software Warranty End Date Contract # Contract End Date Entitled?

Restricted software is available during the 90-day software warranty period or for the duration of your separately purchased Zebra OneCare service contract. 

Zebra mobile computing devices come with a standard limited product warranty, good for one year from the date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and includes 90-day access to operating system software maintenance releases and patches. 



If you believe the information displayed is incorrectly limiting your ability to download software to which you are entitled:

  • Submit the Software Request Form (including your product serial number or contract number) to our Portal Support Team. We will respond as quickly as possible (typically within one business day). 
  • For urgent needs, Contact Support. Choose the best phone number for you from a list of region- and country-specific options.