Report a Potential Security Vulnerability

Zebra welcomes reports from independent researchers, industry organizations, vendors, customers, and other sources concerned with product security. The minimal data needed for reporting a potential security issue is a description of the potential vulnerability.  This form is intended to enable anyone who believes they have discovered a potential vulnerability that could be exploited to violate the intended use of a Zebra device with regard to confidentiality, integrity or availability. 

To help us better address your concern, please complete all fields below, noting the sensitivity of the data being disclosed.  Zebra encourages the confidentiality of this sensitive data and requests encryption of the potential exploit details using the Lifeguard public key (0xbc85e90bc3e9f203). The encrypted file can be emailed to

Additionally, we ask that you follow responsible disclosure practices and not reveal this information to others until we have had a chance to address the issue. We will respond to your concern as quickly as possible.