VC70N0 Vehicle-Mounted Computer


The VC70N0 is the right-sized device for all your material-handling vehicles. Its compact design improves visibility and safety while still providing a large high-resolution display for all the information operators need to improve productivity and task accuracy, in almost any lighting condition.

The powerful VC70N0 supports traditional Telnet to modern browser-based graphic-rich applications, covering receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking, packing and shipping. You get the flexibility to add the options needed to maximize efficiency — including corded or cordless barcode scanners, keyboards and a variety of voice capabilities.

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VC8300 Vehicle Mount Mobile Computer
There is a newer Vehicle Mount Mobile Computer available with enhanced features and more.

Questions about the VC70N0?

  • Right-sized for all your material handling vehicles

    Compact design improves operator visibility and safety while providing a large screen with plenty of room to display information operators need to improve task productivity and accuracy.

  • High-speed Wi-Fi wireless connectivity

    802.11a/b/g/n supports today’s fastest available WLAN connections for superior application performance — plus easy integration with practically any WLAN.

  • The power you need to support graphics-rich applications

    A dual core 1 GHz processor, 2GB of Flash memory and a user-accessible SD card slot that supports up to 32GB provide best-in-class performance for demanding applications as well as OS-agnostic applications created with Zebra Technologies RhoMobile Suite.

Accurate orders that are delivered on time, every time.



Your warehouse is the vital core of your manufacturing or distribution operations. Errors and the slow movement of materials in, through and out of this hub threaten product quality, order accuracy and order delivery times — and drive costs up and customer service levels down. What if you could empower operators in your material handling vehicles to increase efficiency and execute every task accurately? With the VC70N0, you can. The rugged VC70N0 is built to handle the demands of life on the vehicles in your warehouses, enabling operators to access the real-time information needed to achieve a new level of accuracy and productivity. Now, every movement of every item can be verified with a quick scan of the bar code as it is stored on the warehouse shelves, picked for delivery to the production line or to fulfill an order, packed and shipped. 

  • Dimensions

    11.5 in. L x 8.9 in. W x 2.4 in. D
    291 mm L x 225.4 mm W x 60 mm D

  • Weight

    9.4 lbs./4.3 kg

  • Operating System

    Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC 7)

  • CPU

    TI OMAP 4430, Dual Core @1GHz

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