Mobile Application Utilities

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Quickly and Cost-Effectively Develop New Applications

Incorporate productivity-enhancing functionalities, such as barcode scanning, RFID tag reading, signature and other image capture with a suite of mobile application development solutions.

Software that protects worker productivity with complete control over mobile computer functionality.

The EMDK for Android allows you to develop more with less time, effort and errors.

The easy way to stage Zebra Technologies Android-based mobile computers.

Built from the ground up around best-in-class development practices and designed to support new operating systems and devices.

Swipe Assist allows users to create and place a virtual data capture button on the screen of their mobile computer, bringing the simplicity and flexibility of touch computing to data capture.

SimulScan is a set of productivity tools that can be integrated into your native Android applications to take process automation to the next level.

With SimulScan Multi-Barcode, workers can capture multiple barcodes on a label with a single scan. SimulScan Document Capture enables workers to capture contents on a structured form in a single scan, including bar codes, text fields, phone numbers signatures and even check boxes.

Enterprise Home Screen makes it easy to ensure that your enterprise devices are utilized only for work.

In just a few easy steps, you can create single-purpose devices that will run only one application or define which applications and features are available to users, or groups of users, who use Zebra Android mobile computers – all without requiring a developer.

Designed for small businesses, Asset Tracker Lite is a simple, license-free pre-loaded application on select Zebra mobile computers that improves asset visibility.