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Take Data Capture Automation to the Next Level

With SimulScan from Zebra, you can streamline operations, maximize worker productivity, error-proof your processes - and more. SimulScan is a set of productivity tools that can be integrated into your native Android applications to take process automation to the next level. With SimulScan Multi-Barcode, workers can capture multiple barcodes on a label with a single scan. SimulScan Document Capture enables workers to capture contents on a structured form in a single scan, including bar codes, text fields, phone numbers signatures and more.

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The Enterprise Features You Need

  • Capture Several Barcodes at Once

    Simultaneously scan up to 100 1D or 2D barcodes in just seconds- no more time wasted on repetitive scans. Flexible mix-and-match criteria enables the easy selection of the right barcodes.

  • Automate Image Capture

    With SimulScan Document Capture, workers can capture barcodes and partial or entire documents with the camera or imager.

  • Capture Any Information on Your Structured Form

    If you have a structured document, your workers can also capture phone numbers and detect if a signature is present all with the press of one button.

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Take Data Capture Automation to the Next Level

  • Mobile Computers

    Capture and exchange the business-critcal information your business needs.

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  • Mobility DNA

    With Zebra's Mobility DNA, connect every strand of your mobility platform for a simplified, integrated solution using our full line of mobile computers, off-the-shelf, end user applications, robust administration utilities and effortless applications development tools.

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  • Solutions

    Zebra’s suite of solutions delivers unprecedented visibility, optimized operations and empowered workers.