IP54 Mobile Computers

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Your mobile data shouldn't be vulnerable to a little dust exposure or water splashes. That's why Zebra IP54 rugged tablets offer a tough layer of water protection and dust protection to keep minor interactions from becoming major challenges. So don't let dust or water spray disrupt your mobile work.

Zebra Tablets with IP54 Rating

Sometimes you just can't avoid the splash of a puddle, the spray from a wave breaking or a random afternoon rain shower when your field service job keeps you outside all day long. But you can avoid water damage and data loss with one of the many Zebra water-resistant rugged tablets offering IP54 rating protection.

The IP54 testing methods we use for all Zebra rugged tablets ensure that a few water splashes won't cause a data washout and our water-resistant tablet PCs offer protection against water spray from any direction, so you can keep your mobile workflows moving forward without delay.

Zebra IP54 rugged tablets also offer dust protection for those mobile workers who just can't avoid coming into contact with the tiny particles. By offering limited dust ingress protection, in addition to complete dust protection upon contact, you can be confident that your IP54-rated mobile computer will stay tough and durable all day long and your mobile data protected against dust's harmful effects.

Zebra IP54-Rated Tablets & Mobile Computers

Standardized ingress protection ratings are used to outline the degree of protection rugged tablet, laptop and handheld computers offer against common environmental hazards. Specifically, IP ratings indicate a mobile device’s dust ingress and water protection capabilities. The first number in an IP rating describes the degree to which a device is designed to protect against dust ingress, 0 indicating no protection and 6 confirming the mobile computer is completely sealed off from dust. The second number in an IP rating refers to the degree of protection against liquid ingress, 0 indicating no protection and 6 confirming that the tablet, laptop, or 2-in-1 offers powerful protection against damages from liquid contact or penetration.

Zebra offers a range of IP54 rated mobile computers to benefit service workers in many industries. Contact Zebra today to find the right IP54-rated mobile computer for your team.

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