Santa Cruz, Bolivia


Hiller Sistmas

Santa Cruz, Bolivia



Multicenter Uses Zebra Handheld Mobile Computers and Industrial Printers to Manage Inventory and Decrease Margin of Error in Distribution Center

Multicenter sells approximately 40,000 items in 16 different categories. It worked with Zebra to implement a mobile computing and printing solution to better track inventory and increase productivity further upstream in the supply chain.


Multicenter needed to replace the manual recording system that was in place at its distribution center. Workers previously tracked items using paper and pencil, a process that was error prone. Multicenter also needed to speed up inventory counts at the facility, as it was previously taking 20 days for a single count.



After implementing Zebra's MC3300 Rugged Mobile Computers and ZT200 Series Industrial Printers, distribution center workers have made fewer fulfillment and reporting errors and become faster in all phases of the distribution process. The average operator is now five times faster in picking and delivery processes. What used to take two-to-three days is now done in a matter of hours.

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