Hearing information straight from the source is the best way to learn about new products and solutions. Zebra's webinars and podcasts feature industry experts explaining exactly how they worked with Zebra and the results they achieved. Leverage industry leaders' knowledge to improve your business.

Modernizing the Warehouse

With the departure of Windows from the mobile computing market, logistics providers and warehouse managers are rapidly migrating to Android-based solutions. In this webinar, Mark Wheeler, Director Supply Chain Solutions for Zebra Technologies, will unpack a vision for the warehouse of the future and how it is a reality today! From this webinar you will learn:

  • Industry insights and trends in the warehouse
  • Why yesterday’s devices cannot meet today’s demands
  • How modern Android devices can enhance operational effectiveness
Duration: 30 Minutes

The Age of Android Webinar

The supply chain and warehouse environment are rapidly changing as front-line workers increasingly find their enterprise migrating from Windows based computing devices to Android. What is driving this change and fueling the adoption to Android and all-touch devices at the point of data capture? Join us on Sept 18th where Kevin Lollock from Zebra Technologies will unpack the roots of this vast OS migration and the opportunities available for your warehouse and distribution centers. From this webinar you will learn:

  • What’s driving the migration to Android
  • Trends in the mobile computer industry
  • The risks of staying on a legacy operating system

Duration: 30 Minutes

How to Support Your OS Migration

Migrating to Android OS is a hot topic, but there is surprisingly little training to help the non-developer make it a reality. In this webinar Ritesh Gupta, Lead for Zebra Learning Services, simplifies the steps to take on the road to Android OS. Before making a quick decision on OS migration, understand key considerations for planning, management, support and security. From this webinar you will learn:

  • How to approach planning for OS migration
  • Troubleshooting and deployment options available
  • How Android is different from MS operating systems
  • How Google partners with mobile computing vendors for security

Duration: 30 Minutes