Patient Tracking RTLS and RFID Systems

healthcare provider swabbing tracked patient arm with cotton ball

Patient Tracking Made Simple

Capture every step of the patient journey with RFID patient tracker solutions that help track and monitor the location of your patients, helping caregivers provide optimal care and safety.

Reduce Time to Treatment

Analyze treatment and location data to optimize workflows and ensure patients with critical heart or stroke risks can get treated as quickly as possible.

Improve Patient Monitoring

Zebra's solutions help track cognitively and physically impaired patients, allowing staff to monitor patient location at all times and prevent falls and injury.

Secure Mother-Infant Tracking

Patient tracking and infant security systems ensure proper mother-to-infant matching, providing optimal safety and security for the newborn.

CS60-HC scanning young patient

Minimize Your Investment Risk

The CS60-HC Companion Scanner adapts to any clinician workflow by easily converting between corded and cordless operation, handheld and hands-free.

Let Zebra Design a Patient Tracking Solution to Meet Your Needs

Build Your Patient Tracking Solution


Zebra has 7-14 day printable RFID wristbands, perfect for patient tracking and identification.


Our RFID-based printers and readers are easy to use and reliable, making patient tracking easy.

Software and Applications

Zebra's tracking solutions run on our unique Link-OS operating system, featuring advanced connectivity capabilities, extensive device management, and advanced privacy controls.


Zebra OneCare makes service fast and easy, any time of night. Just choose the level of care you need and if it's broken, we'll take care of it.