Healthcare Communication and Collaboration

healthcare provider communicating with staff for healthcare communication and collaboration

Fast, Secure Communication for Nurses and Staff

Built to ensure reliable and clear communication between you and your colleagues, Zebra's healthcare communication solutions, including mobile computers, offer instantaneous delivery of important messages via secure text, voice and data among doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

Connect Staff

With always-on mobile connectivity, your staff is in constant communication and can collaborate more effectively and quickly.

Improve Productivity

With integrated voice and data, mobile devices can save nurses 2 to 6 hours per week, increasing efficiency and job satisfaction.

Respond Promptly to Patient Needs

With a direct link to patient records, nurses are able to quickly address issues at the bedside, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Gloved healthcare worker scanning a blood vial

TC52-HC Recognized as strong performer by KLAS Research

KLAS Market Research praises the performance of the Zebra TC52-HC device in streamlining clinical workflows and elevating patient care.

Let Zebra Design a Healthcare Communication Solution to Meet Your Needs

Build Your Healthcare Communication Solution


From consolidated mobile computing solutions to scanners, tablets and mobile printers, only Zebra gives you the complete healthcare communication mobility solutions you need to keep your patients and your business healthy.

Software and Applications

Whether you need help keeping in contact or streamlining services, Zebra offers multiple user-friendly healthcare-specific software solutions that easily integrate into existing systems.


Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle, so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organization's current and future needs.