MZ220 Mobile Printer Support

MZ220 Mobile Printer

This printer is discontinued. We may offer drivers, firmware, and manuals below for your convenience, as well as online tech support. If you require additional support, please contact a Zebra Authorized Service Provider.


Important Notice

A recent Microsoft Windows update has been identified to cause the following issues when attempting to print to certain printers. If you’re experiencing these errors or other printing related issues, click on these links to learn more:


Printer Discontinuation Date:  November 29, 2013
Service & Support Discontinuation Date: February 28, 2017
Last Ship Date: February 28, 2014 


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  • Zebra Setup Utilities
    (Learn More)


      Download 87 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server 2016, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
  • ZebraDesigner driver 32/64 bit. Certified for Windows. (12/01/2016)


      Download 8 MB OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2003, Windows XP


  • Information about CUPS Driver for non Kiosk printers

      Download 867 KB OPERATING SYSTEM: Unix & Mac OS, Linux



  • UMAN-MZPS-041-044_ES

    MZ Power Station Manual, Spanish (web)- UMAN-MZPS-044 rev. A

    Download 231 KB
  • UMAN-MZPS-074_JA

    MZ Series Power Station Manual, Japanese (web)- UMAN-MZPS-074 rev. A

    Download 559 KB
  • QSG_MZS_044_ES

    MZ Series QUick Start Guide, Spanish (web)- QSG-MZS-044 rev. A

    Download 880 KB
  • UMAN-MZPS-061-064_ZHCN

    MZ series Power Station, Simplified Chinese (web)- UMAN-MZPS-064 rev. A

    Download 614 KB
  • UMAN_MZPS_004A

    MZ Series Power Station Manual (web)- UMAN-MZPS-004 rev. A

    Download 227 KB
  • QSG_MZS_084_KO

    MZ Series Quick Start Guide, Korean (web)- UMAN-MZS-084 rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • UMAN-MZPS-034_DE

    MZ series Power Station, German (web)- UMAN-MZPS-034 Rev. A

    Download 232 KB
  • UMAN-MZPS-094_PT

    MZ series Power Station Manual, Portuguese (web)- UMAN-MZPS-094 rev. A

    Download 235 KB
  • UMAN-MZPS-021-024_FR

    MZ Power Station Manuan, French (web)- UMAN-MZPS-024 Rev. A

    Download 230 KB
  • QSG_MZS_094_PT

    MZ Series Quick Start Guide, Portuguese (web)-UMAN-QSG-094 rev. A

    Download 872 KB
  • QSG_MZS_024_FR

    MZ Series Quick Start Guide, French (web)- QSG-MZS-024 rev. A

    Download 872 KB
  • UMAN-MZPS-081-084_KO

    MZ series Power Station Manual, Korean (web)- UMAN-MZPS-084 rev. A

    Download 366 KB
  • QSG_MZS_064_CHS

    MZ Series Quick Start Guide, Simpl. Chinese (web)- QSG-MZS-064 rev. A

    Download 1 MB
  • UMAN-MZPS-154-RU

    MZ Power Station Manual, Russian (web)-UMAN-MZPS-154 Rev. A

    Download 239 KB
  • QSG_MZS_155A1_ru

    MZ series Quick Start Gude (web) Russian- QSG-MZS-155 Rev. A

    Download 780 KB
  • QSG_MZS_054_IT

    MZ Series Quick Start Guide, Italian (web)- QSG-MZS-054 rev. A

    Download 868 KB
  • QSG_MZS_074_JA

    MZ Series Quick Start Guide, Japanese (web)- QSG-MZS-074 rev. A

    Download 998 KB
  • UMAN-MZS-156A

    MZ Series User Guide (RU)- UMAN-MZS-156 rev. A

    Download 2 MB
  • QSG_MZS_034_DE

    MZ Series Quick Start Guide, German (web)- QSG-MZS-034 rev. A

    Download 876 KB

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